Fri, October 16 2009

Your supporter is a participant, not an audience

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As a nonprofit marketing person, I often talk to nonprofit groups about their “audience,” but it’s a bad word.  An audience brings to mind a group of people quietly listening while you deliver a message.  And in this day and age, there is no such thing as a passive group of people content to simply listen.  Everyone from your funders to your donors to your volunteers to your constituents expects participation.  They want to talk.  They want to act.  And they want you to listen and enable.

Today, I want to highlight three examples of great nonprofit marketing and fundraising that do just that.

1. Join My Village from CARE and General Mills.  Visitors have the opportunity to ‘join’ one of ten real Malawi villages on the site and track its progress.


2. A Billion Views Helps a Billion from WFP and YouTube, which takes something people love to do (watch videos) and allows them to turn their actions into a collective force for change.


3. The Escuela del Sol website, which is about what the school does for its kids more than anything else.  Nice job making it about the community rather than the institution!

4. Find Your Mission, which is all about what the donor can do rather what organizations do.

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