Thu, November 29 2007

What to Get Cousin Cal?  A Good Card!

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Why buy a toxic Bob the Builder this holiday when you give the gift that not only does no harm - it does good.

The Good Card is a gift card for charity – where the recipient gets to donate to their charity of choice.  That includes ANY charity with registration in the US – up to 1.7 million. Customers, clients, employees, friends and family all have their favorite charities and now you can give them the perfect gift – a donation to their favorite charity via Network for Good’s secure giving system.  That includes the charity fighting a disease that’s touched their family, their alma mater—or even your organization!

And yes, I work for Network for Good, so this is product placement.

How it Works

§      At, you can buy a card to be mailed or choose an electronic gift card to be sent

§      Your recipient receives the cards via mail or email (or you can send it to yourself if you want to give it in person!)

§      The Good Card recipient comes to Network for Good’s website, chooses a charity and then enters the amount to donate using the code on their Good Card/email

§      Network for Good sends the charities the donation

§      Cost per card is $5. 100% of the card value goes direct to charity.

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