Thu, July 28 2011

3 things technology can and should deliver - and who does it well

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The real value of technology is the experience it enables us to give our supporters and the people we serve. 

It should do three things:

1. Inspire: Grab our attention with amazing stories
2. Engage: Give us dynamic ways to participate
3. Catalyze: Make it easy and irresistible to act

Technology makes it possible for a charity of any size to deliver a far better experience at very little cost. We have no excuse not to do better, and it’s dangerous not to improve our engagement drastically. That’s because the evolution of technology means today’s consumer routinely expects—and receives—a social, intimate, interactive experience in nearly every online realm. When I order a Domino’s pizza online, I know the name of the person who put the pie in the oven and the exact time it started baking. When my daughter orders a pair of Converse sneakers online, she designs every detail, including the cupcake-motif upper canvas, then e-mails her creation to all of her friends. (I doubt Chuck Taylor saw cupcake Chucks coming.)

If technology can make even the most mundane purchase compelling, imagine what it could do with engaging with charity.

So who is doing this well?  Check out the best of the best from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

And here are three nonprofit websites that rock and why.

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