Thu, January 24 2013

Three things that make a great video (get out the hanky)

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Copyblogger posted this lovely video from Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization.  (Can’t see it?  Go here.)

The Copyblogger post points to why this is great storytelling:

1. It’s remarkable: We get to go on a first-hand journey to save this dog - and the puppies.  The iPhone trick is pretty nifty too.  It’s the kind of thing you want to share because it’s different and surprising.

2. It’s emotionally compelling: We identify with the mother dog’s plight, and the amazing way she is saved.

3. There’s a clear call to action at the end.

I agree on all three fronts.  Through another lens, this is also good storytelling because there is a clear hero, something real at stake and a lesson/solution.

The best part is it’s low budget.  And it doesn’t matter.  If anything, it adds to the authenticity.

What could you film from the front lines of your work?  And before you say you can’t do this because you don’t have a cause as cute as puppies or you must respect the anonymity of those you serve, get creative.  If you’re a policy organization, go film the people who are the end beneficiaries of your work.  If you can’t film people you help, go talk to frontline staff or volunteers about their lives and experience.  Do what this video does best: Invite us into the innermost experience of your organization, and take us on the adventure it is.

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