Tue, January 11 2011

Things that put people in the mood for… doing good

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I’ve spent the past month reading the hard research about what motivates people to do good in the world.  The evidence keeps coming back to the same truisms:

People do good:

1. When other people around them are doing good.
2. When they have a personal tie to a cause.
3. When someone they know asks them.
4. When the person asking for support has a personal tie to his or her cause.
5. When they feel hope.
6. When they believe they can make something better for one person (or animal).
7. When they want to feel good about themselves.
8. When they feel sympathy.
9. When they’ve done good before.

I’ll be exploring more on generous moods tomrrow, when I blog on the next Science of Giving installment…  find out what happens when a clear donation box is placed in a museum.  Do people give when there’s more money in it?  Do people give more when there are bigger bills in the box?  Do people give more when they think other people are watching?  The answers tomorrow - so stay tuned…

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