Thu, September 16 2010

The three incredibly important laws of a good website

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One of the most consistent mistakes made by nonprofits is organizing their websites around their world view.  The navigation correlates to the nonprofit’s program areas.  The home page features a mission statement.  The content corresponds to what the nonprofit’s staff finds interesting.

All bad mistakes.

The people coming to your website have their own set of priorities, and you’re probably getting in the way of their accessing the information they need!

The rules are:

1. Organize everything according to what your visitors seek
2. Stick to what people coming to the site care about
3. Make everything as simple as possible

In the words of the great John Maeda: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Okay.  Now here’s what NOT to do.  By way of Pamela Grow (read her if you don’t already), this great Xtra Normal video shows what it feels like to interact with a bad website for an orchestra.

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