Fri, September 14 2012

How to support your members on mobile

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SocialFish and Results Direct have a free eGuide to understanding and meeting the needs of your organization’s members on mobile.

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The eGuide is especially well done, as it takes the perspective of the audience and profiles three people who are typical association members.  It shows how they try - in vain - to access typical association resources on mobile.  Each section then provides advice on how to improve the experience.

Check out the whole guide here, and in the meantime, ask yourself:

1. People come to you for information.  Is your website mobile-friendly so that information is easy to find and use, on any device?

2. Are your emails easy to read on mobile devices?  Do the calls to action on your emails lead to easy ways to respond on mobile?

3. Are your events mobile-friendly?  Can people easily check the agenda online during the event - and share content via social media?

4. Are important articles or reference materials available in a format that can be read on a mobile device?

5. Is it easy to share your content on social media with a click or two on a mobile device?

No?  Then you could be missing out on opportunities to serve your members in an era when they are more often than not on their smartphones!

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