Thu, November 29 2012

Did people give on #GivingTuesday?

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Since I work at Network for Good, I have access to all kinds of nifty data on giving.  We process donations for tens of thousands of nonprofits via their websites and partners like Crowdrise and YourCause.  So I was interested to see if the big push to encourage giving earlier this week - the first ever GivingTuesday “national day of giving” - yielded results.

The early answer seems to be yes, it prompted giving.

When we compared overall giving on GivingTuesday this year to giving on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving last year, we found donations more than doubled.  Since Network for Good has been growing all year, we also looked at giving this past Monday compared to Tuesday to get a sense of what growth was attributable to GivingTuesday.  We found donations on Tuesday were 55% higher than Monday.

Blackbaud is showing a bump as well - 53% on GivingTuesday this year vs. the same Tuesday last year.

To me, this just underlines the power of several things in fundraising:

1. A sense of urgency: Naming a day after giving and urging action that particular day seems to have worked for many charities.  Nonprofits that added matching donations into the mix did even better.

2. Social norms: Creating an impression that many other people are taking action is effective.

3. Seasonality: November and December are the easiest times to get people to donate.  People are in spending and giving mode.  I don’t think the day would have been as effective were it in January.

Did your organization invite donations on Tuesday?  What were your results?

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