Mon, February 07 2011

Before you tweet, know why you’re doing it

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Via TL Marketing comes this excellent graphic, which shows why solely focusing on the tool and not your strategy is missing the point. (The original source of this tip-of-the-iceberg diagram is here.)

The tip of the iceberg is mindless nonprofit marketing.  The underwater stuff is where you need to spend your mental energy.

The wrong, tip-of-iceberg starting questions about social media:

1. Should I be spending time on Twitter?
2. How many “likes” should I try to get on Facebook?
3. Do I need a YouTube video?

The iceberg questions you must ask first:

1. Who is my constituency?
2. Why do I want to engage them - what is the goal?
3. Are these members of my community even using social media?
4. Have I watched and listened to how my community is using social media before I dive in?
5. Which few tools make sense - and do I have the time to do them well?
6. What are some small, measurable goals that I will use to measure success?

Answer those questions and you’ll know where - and how - you need to engage.

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