Wed, October 13 2010

Be generous when you’re hungry: It’s what keeps you from going hungry

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The very generous Seth Godin today led a rousing webinar on his book, Linchpin.

IF YOU MISSED IT, you can access a recording here.

My favorite part was when he discussed the importance of generosity to us - nonprofit marketing folks.  Yes, our generosity.  Not the generosity of our donors!  The generosity WE provide.  As he says in the book:

It’s difficult to be generous when you’re hungry.  Yet being generous keeps you from going hungry.  Hence the conflict.

We need to focus on what we give our supporters, not on what they give us.  Give them the chance to do extraordinary good through our organizatiosn.  Give them credit for the good that happens.  Give them memorable stories about the difference they made. 

Consider his advice through the lens of a fundraiser:

A gift binds the recipient to the giver, and both of them to a community.  A contract isolates the individuals, with money as the connector.  The gift binds them instead.

It’s absolutely counterintuitive to give when we feel scarcity of resources more than ever.  But it’s the only way to generate abundancy.  Don’t dial back the effort you put into the people who support you—turn it up.  With genuine gratitude and real generosity.


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