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The Secret Sauce of Donor Retention: Gratitude + Great Communication

If your organization is like most nonprofits, you concentrate your fundraising efforts on donor acquisition. That’s understandable! Donors are your organization’s lifeblood, and they need to be inspired each year to support your good work. The dirty little secret of development is that only 27% of donors in a...

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Lessons from N4G’s #GivingTuesday Award Winners

Network for Good hosted a special #GivingTuesday campaign, N4G Gives, focused on equipping nonprofits with the tools and knowledge for #GivingTuesday success.  The N4G Gives campaign provided free #GivingTuesday resources to the entire nonprofit community and special training and matching funds to nonprofits using DonateNow, our online...

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Lessons from N4G’s top #GivingTuesday performers

#GivingTuesday has arrived On December 2, nonprofits and donors came together in an inspiring day of generosity.  Millions of dollars were raised to fuel the good work of nonprofits all over the world. Network for Good hosted a special campaign, N4G Gives, focused on equipping nonprofits with the tools...

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We’re Giving Thanks…For You

For the past several months, we’ve been focused on the fourth quarter, getting ready for year-end, and #GivingTuesday. The fourth quarter is a pivotal time of year for organizations that depend on year-end generosity to scale their impact. Today, we want to take a step back from the coffee-fueled,...

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Rallying the Troops: the Staff Plan for #GivingTuesday

Make #GivingTuesday an event for your team, and a win for those you serve. In less than 2 weeks it will be December 2nd, and #GivingTuesday will be here. Whether you’ve planned for months or just for a week or two, there’s one more thing you can do to...

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7 Steps to Social Success on #GivingTuesday

Your #GivingTuesday campaign will depend on SHARING. Sharing can happen through many channels: email, in person events, volunteer activities, and phone outreach. But today we are focusing on social media sharing. #GivingTuesday is an inherently social event – a big, exciting, international party for generosity – and you’re invited! Now is...

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Double December Giving with #GivingTuesday!

It’s game time! What a great time of year! For all fundraisers, November and December are the playoffs and Superbowl. Success in the next seven weeks will provide the financial foundation for the impact that can be made on those we serve in 2015. If you could invest energy in...

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Four Weeks ‘Til #GivingTuesday (and $125,000 in matching funds!)

New partner joins the N4G Gives #GivingTuesday team!   Halloween is behind us, but let’s carry that sugar rush into November as we hit the four-week countdown to the launch of the giving season—starting with #GivingTuesday. And to make this caffeine and chocolate-fueled time of year even...

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Five secrets to growing your base of monthly givers on #GivingTuesday

Use the #GivingTuesday movement to build long-term support, and the chance to earn an additional $3000 for your organization on #GivingTuesday! November is quickly approaching and your #GivingTuesday and year-end planning is well underway. You’ve organized your team, set your goals, assembled your stories, and thought through your marketing approach. ...

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11 Great Online Giving Tips for #GivingTuesday and Every Day

For many organizations, #GivingTuesday will launch the giving season, fueling energy and excitement that will carry through to year-end. We’ve written a series of posts to help you make the most of #GivingTuesday. Today, we’re focused on one of the most important year-end strategies for any organization: creating...

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Strategies to turn supporters into fundraisers for #GivingTuesday, and beyond.

#GivingTuesday – what for many will be the launch of the December giving season – is now just 7 weeks away. Gulp. Your year-end campaigns are just about ready to go, but making the most of December is probably in the back of your mind all the time. Perhaps you’re asking yourself...

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You can do it! Goal setting for #GivingTuesday

Party on! If you’re a fundraiser, you’re seeing news about #GivingTuesday everywhere. And the buzz is for good reason - #GivingTuesday is not only the launch of the giving season, but has become an international celebration of generosity. And your donors, prospects, staff and volunteers are likely to...

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Announcing N4G Gives, Network for Good’s campaign for #GivingTuesday 2014

Resources, Training, and $100,000 in matching funds for the Network for Good community. Proud partners in the #GivingTuesday Movement In 2012, a group of visionary nonprofit leaders at 92Y and the UN Foundation had an idea: to take back the giving season after the shopping binge of Black Friday and CyberMonday. With...

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Creating the perfect campaign for #GivingTuesday

The time is…NOW. With year-end quickly approaching, and #GivingTuesday just ten weeks away, we’re hurtling toward the giving season. It’s that generous time of year that fundraisers count on to be sure that they are well positioned—and well funded—to fulfill their missions for...

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11 Weeks to Go: Launch Your #GivingTuesday Team!

The Best December Ever For the past several weeks, we’ve focused on making this the best December ever, beginning with the launch of the giving season on #GivingTuesday, and running straight through year-end. In our first two posts, we shared thoughts on preparing for the giving season and whether...

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Still on the Fence About #GivingTuesday?

To do, or not to do, #GivingTuesday… With 12 weeks to go, you are hearing about #GivingTuesday everywhere. In the press, and perhaps on your team, there are advocates and skeptics. And we get it. Year-end is a critical time, and your team has a full plate. So is #GivingTuesday worth...

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Crowdfunding: The Future of Annual Giving [Free Guide]

What’s old is new again. The most exciting evolution of the giving economy in the past ten years is crowdfunding. But crowdfunding is simply a new name for one of the oldest forms of fundraising. Throughout history, communities joined together to support those in need. Crowdfunding is the 21st...

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LUCKY 13: Thirteen weeks to plan for the best giving season ever – starting with #GivingTuesday

Crunch time! Can it be…Labor Day weekend is really behind us? 2014 is in the home stretch and that means it is crunch time for nonprofits. In fact, 30% of the projected $300 billion in total annual donations to charities are made in December — and 10%, or $30 billion, come during the year’s...

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How Crowdfunding Can Transform Alumni Giving

“Over the past decade colleges and universities of all stripes have struggled with a truly stunning national decline in alumni participation rates: More than a third fewer alumni make a gift of any size to their alma mater today compared with alumni 10+ years ago.” —Cara Quackenbush of Eduventures The...

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Great neighbors, but no casseroles.

My peers and I are the Tweens of adulthood. We are old enough to remember the milkman delivering to the doorstep, and young enough to appreciate the poetry of rap music—at least some of it. We are the children of the baby boom, and the parents of Millennials. ...

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7 Strategies for Mobilizing Millennials

(Part two in our series on the Millennial Impact Project) Millennials: A powerful force for change. Earlier this month, I shared my perspectives on the 2014 Millennial Impact Report and MCON14. Hopefully, that post got you thinking about how Millennials are shaping our culture and social sector in profound new ways. ...

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Millennials on a Mission: Idealism, Impact, Innovation

Editor’s note: I’m pleased to introduce Network for Good’s Chief Giving Officer, Jamie McDonald, as a contributor to The Nonprofit Marketing Blog. Jamie will be sharing her insight on philanthropy and trends in giving, as well as updates from the field. During this year’s Millennial Impact...

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