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The Nonprofit Marketing Blog is managed by the nonprofit marketing and advisory teams at Network for Good. Our goal is to bring you the best in nonprofit marketing trends, fundraising techniques, technology developments and amazing nonprofit examples to help, encourage and inspire the do-gooders of the world. We’re here to help you effectively engage your communities and win hearts and minds—and donations.

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This blog was originally created and managed by Katya Andresen, chief operating officer and chief strategy officer of Network for Good, author of Robin Hood Marketing, a blogger, a public speaker, an adjunct professor of communications at American University, a board member of NTEN and mom to three.  (More on Katya’s background is in this profile.  Find Katya on Twitter or Google Plus)  Katya blogged at nonprofitmarketingblog.com from 2006-2013, logging her thoughts on fundraising, social good, emerging technology and marketing in over 1,500 posts.

Katya describes herself: I’d describe myself as profoundly impatient to get things done. I spent seven years living in developing countries, and the poverty and tragedy I saw on a daily basis left me with an acute sense of how important it is to do good in the world and accomplish important things really well and very quickly.

I am impatient to find the next great shoe and the secret to being the uber-mom that makes perfect cupcakes for the class Halloween party instead of rushing to Giant bakery department at 10 pm the night before.  My greatest joys are my three extraordinary kids and one extraordinary economist.

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