Tue, February 21 2012

4 Things your supporters want

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Too often, we forget the needs of our supporters in the pursuit of our own needs.  And when we do so, we end up with double paucity: our supporters get neglected and we attract fewer resources to our cause.

People are complex, but as I’ve said along with my friend Mark Rovner, they have at least four needs in common.  When you fulfill these needs, you are better able to meet your own.

1: To be SEEN and HEARD

So acknowledge them.  Making someone feel seen and heard is the most powerful thing any of us can do with online communications.  On the other hand, not listening is the root of most problems, personal (just ask your partner!) and professional (just ask your co-workers!).

2: To be CONNECTED to someone or something

People are sociable creatures, and giving is a social act.  Engage by connecting to what your audience (NOT YOU) wants to hear.

3: To be part of something GREATER THAN THEMSELVES

We need to lay out the grand vision of our cause.  We should show how together we can leave the world a better place.  That means a hopeful, inspiring message.

4: To have the security of TRUST

People are starved for a sense of trust.  Use an authentic messenger, show where the money goes and honor the trust others have put in your organization with their support.

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