Fri, January 11 2013

10 fundraising mantras for 2013

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Let 2013 be the year that you exceed your nonprofit fundraising and marketing goals. Not sure how to reach your full potential this year?

The team here at Network for Good has outlined the 10 critical areas of focus for successful nonprofits,  including social media, mobile and maximizing online giving.  You can discover our recommendations for your 10 Fundraising Mantras for 2013 and let them guide you to true fundraising enlightenment.

One of the mantras is to keep your donors!  Do that with:

1. Focus on donor retention more than donor acquisition.  Instead of spending more time hunting for new donors, invest in fundraising success by working to keep the donors you have.
2. Focus on donor lifetime value, not one-off campaigns.  Gauge success by the way your supporters behave over their entire time of supporting you. This requires a commitment to building donor relationships and to looking at your response rate over time.
3. Focus on results, not effort.  It’s not how hard you are working. It’s what happens as a result of that work. Consider this when allocating time and resources to donor acquisition vs. donor retention.
4. Focus on your most passionate supporters. Understand who your most loyal donors currently are. Do you know how to identify those people?  Create a special plan to analyze your donors and continually cultivate the most committed. It is extremely difficult to replace these star supporters if they stop giving.

The free guide is here.  (Registration required.)

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