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Give me your top five

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My last post was on top five nonprofit website sins for a reason!  This week, I’m hosting the nonproft consultants’ carnival, and the theme is your top five… anything.  Top five marketing tips, top five previously untold secrets, whatever.  I like lists!  So send me your posts and I’ll feature them in a week right here at the blog.  Deadline is Friday at midnight.  In the spirit of Jeff Brooks, and my general mood at this time of year, I will give special treatment to posts that contain one of the following words: “bikini,” “martini” or “Fellini.”  If you score a blogging hat trick, then I’ll worship your wordsmithing skills for life.


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Top 5 Things to Repeat to Your CEO/ED to make marketing and branding matter:

1. Without more marketing, how will our donors/members/clients learn about our mission and take action?

2. Our brand is more than a logo or “look.” It’s everything about us, from the way our staff dress (no bikinis, shorts or flip-flops) to the way we answer our phones, serve our stakeholders and use our key messages consistently.

3. Marketing is the key to our success.

4. Marketing is not communications. Communications is a tactic of the overarching marketing strategy. We need a marketing plan.

5. I deserve a raise so I can wind down each day after work with a Cosmo martini!

(Sorry, no Fellini here.)

Posted by Elaine Fogel  on  07/24  at  03:30 AM

My Top Five Success Building Tips

1. Just do it. Don’t sit around ‘talking’ about it for ten years. Get up out of your chair and do it.

2. Don’t waste time whining about things you have no control of: weather, traffic, your best friend’s choice of men…whatever! Spend time on things that matter.

3. Dont’ give to get. Give to GIVE. The more you give - time, money, effort, understanding - the more LIFE gives back. Don’t go into a giving mode with the idea of getting back. Just give freely.

4. Call your Mother once a week. If your mother isn’t around, call your father or your sister or… someone who functions in that role. Stay connected to family.

5. Give whatever endeavor you’ve chosen to pursue 200%. 100% won’t do it. If you can’t give 200%... don’t do it.

Posted by Yvonne DiVita  on  07/24  at  01:12 PM


Do you mind if my top 5 is actually a top 12 ?

I posted about the best and more used nonprofit facebook apps here…

Have a nice npcarnaval week !

Posted by Vladimir Moshnyager  on  07/25  at  10:49 AM

Hi; I posted on my blog about why I am doing what I do, directing a non-profit community-based watershed team in Vermont.  Thanks for inspiring me to think about and write a Top 5!

Kelly Stettner

Posted by Kelly Stettner  on  07/25  at  02:25 PM

Thanks everyone!  You’ll all be featured in the carnival on Monday!

Posted by Katya Andresen  on  07/25  at  09:45 PM


Posted by big boobs girls  on  10/09  at  11:02 PM

aww man, I was hoping it hadn’t happened yet.  will you be doing this again? smile

Posted by Apps R Us - Buy Turnkey Facebook Application Scrip  on  03/31  at  10:49 PM

It is more interesting if the top 5 things that you will involve have a benefit to the readers. This is quite attention-grabbing as long as you can share your own thoughts of the most top important things or issues on your life.

Posted by Tommy Blanco  on  08/10  at  02:03 PM

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