Tue, October 25 2011

Why slacktivism is underrated - and why you’re in the giving business

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I have two guest posts this week.

The first is at Mashable, on why slacktivism is underrated.  Read the results of a yet-to-be released study on how people who take easy actions online aren’t to be dismissed here.  Just because people are doing something easy on social media doesn’t mean that’s all they are doing. In fact, so-called slacktivists participate in more than twice as many activities as people who don’t engage in slacktivism. Plus, the activities that slacktivists choose to undertake have a higher potential to influence others.

The second guest post is at the Skoll Foundation’s Social Edge, on why brain science shows you’re in the giving - not the getting - business.  You can find that here (Scroll down - there’s no permalink to the post, which is dated October 21.)

Enjoy!  And tell me what you think.


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