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Why people give

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Below are the most typical reasons, I think.  It’s an A-O of giving - feel free to chime in with the P-Z.

The common denominator?  These are deeply emotional, personal reasons.  “Because I loved the organization’s brochure” is not on there.

So what do we do?  Make people feel this way.  When they feel moved to give, you need to assure them something good will happen as a result.  Talk tangible impact.  Once they give, thank them over and over.  Remind them of why they were moved to give and what terrific things resulted. 

a.    Someone I know asked me to give

b.    I felt emotionally moved by someone’s story

c.    I want to feel I’m not powerless in the face of need and can help (this is especially true during disasters)

d.    I want to feel I’m changing someone’s life

e.    I feel a sense of closeness to a community or group

f.    I need a tax deduction

g.    I want to memorialize someone (who is struggling or died of a disease, for example)

h.    I was raised to give to charity – it’s tradition in my family

i.      I want to be “hip” and supporting this charity (ie, wearing a yellow wrist band) is in style

j.      It makes me feel connected to other people and builds my social network

k.    I want to have a good image for myself/my company

l.      I want to leave a legacy that perpetuates me, my ideals or my cause

m.  I feel fortunate (or guilty) and want to give something back to others

n.    I give for religious reasons – God wants me to share my affluence

o.    I want to be seen as a leader/role model


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