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What Donors Really Do Online (And Belated Thanks to Jeff Forster)

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This is the name of one of the sessions I led at the NTC yesterday.  It’s based on a study that Network for Good did with True Sense Marketing of giving by 1.9 million donors.

You can watch the session here.

You can view the study here.

You can see the slides below.

And Dear Jeff Forster: I was remiss in not name-checking you as the originator of the Jorts chart from GraphJam as well as my inspiration in putting funny slides in the midst of all the data in the presentation.  I apologize.  In honor of Jeff Forster of the Bayer Center, here is his chart, this time with him name-checked.

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That’s awesome!

Posted by Stella  on  03/20  at  04:40 PM


Thanks for the belated shout out.  Although I noticed you borrowing that idea, I also noticed that you didn’t decide to really take your presentation to the next level by going all Vanilla Ice like I did in the same presentation you saw with the joke charts:


Posted by Jeff Forster  on  03/21  at  04:43 PM

I would never even attempt to be clever or tuneful enough to sing my session.  Jeff owns that space!

Posted by Katya  on  03/22  at  01:38 AM

So, a question about the Online Giving Study.  I’m filing this under the “no stupid questions” philosophy.  In the charts that show cumulative giving (and even explain the term as “giving added up over time”), do I read that chart as showing the amount given total over the period and adding the prior year to the year in question?  In other words, on page 9 where it says that donors to branded websites started at $180 in 2007 and that their average cumulative giving rose to $257 by the end of 2009, does that mean that the average person added $77 in 2008+2009 to have given a total average of $257 over the three years?  It doesn’t mean that they gave $180 in 2007, then ~$240 in 2008, then $257 in 2009, right?

Posted by Jeff Forster  on  04/05  at  06:54 PM

It’s cumulative so yes, it’s added each year.

Posted by Katya  on  04/06  at  02:30 AM

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