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The top two reasons people donate to your cause

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One of the most interesting parts of the recent Money for Good research was the donor profiles that emerged.  Based on in-depth research with people who donate money, Hope Consulting created six profiles of givers.

Here were the top two:

1. Personal Ties: People who give to organizations when they know the leadership or when they are asked by a friend
2. The Repayers: People who give to causes or organizations that have directly affected their lives

If you count by the amount of donations, the most popular category is Personal Ties (about 25%).  If you count by the number of people, then the Repayer is the most common category at 23%.

These two categories have something very significant in common: in both cases, donors see a deep personal relevance in their causes.

(You can find the other six categories here.)

The bottom line is that the most powerful job you can do as a fundraiser is to show people why your cause is relevant to them.  How does it affect their lives?  Their community?  How does the story of the people you help reflect their own stories?  What do we all have in common?

In other words, as always, it’s not about you, it’s about them.


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