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The story you absolutely must tell

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A good one!  If there is one thing nonprofits need to do more, it is telling stories.  Storytelling should be the way we communicate our mission, win support and show impact.  Storytelling is how we learned 70% of what we know in this world.  Yet most written materials, websites, appeals, grant proposals and presentations are devoid of good stories.  We need to fix this.

If you’re seeking some guidance on why storytelling matters and some inspiration for crafting great stories, a good starting point is a new book by Michael Margolis, “Believe Me: Why Your Vision, Brand and Leadership Need a Bigger Story.”  This short yet valuable manifesto describes why we personally seek stories - and how that need translates into a broader mandate for story as the key tool to organizational vision and change.  The book is not a how-to guide but rather meant as a call to action.  Margolis is trying to get us to change how we communicate rather than telling us how to do it.  He intersperses his book with quotes that eloquently make his points:

The ability to see our lives as stories rather than unrelated, random events increases the possibility for significant and purposeful action”—Daniel Taylor, Author of Tell Me a Story.

If you’re looking for this kind of inspiration, you can get a free sample of the book here.  If you choose to buy it on that site, use the code 7Z8WDVU3 and you’ll get 15% off.  (Thanks, Michael!)

If that’s not enough to get you thinking of your stories, remember what Maya Angelou said:

There is no greater burden than carrying an untold story.


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