Fri, November 02 2012

The social media question to ask yourself - three times

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Another great cartoon from Marketoonist Tom Fishburne

Why are you engaged in social media and what do you hope will happen?

This was the topic of my panel last week with Beth Kanter and KD Paine, authors of Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.  They have a good way to avoid the nonsense this cartoon so vividly portrays.  It’s super simple—and invaluable.

Here’s what you do: Ask the question, “So what?” three times.

As Beth describes, you want to worry about less data - but think about it more.  You have “likes”- so what?  You have followers - so what?  Because you want awareness?  So what?  Keep going till you get to the heart of what matters.  Then do and measure that.


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