Thu, December 27 2012

The number one quality of a great presentation

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To follow up on yesterday’s post - the number one quality of a great presenter - I wanted to share the number one quality of a great presentation.

(Both of these pieces of advice are from The Art of the Pitch from the legendary ad guy Peter Coughter, now at VCU Brandcenter.  The book includes excellent stories that remind us how just how critical it is to master persuasion and presentation skills.)

What makes a fantastic presentation?  One point.  Before you say a thing, you have decided upon a single goal.  Everything you say leads to that conclusion.  Everything else gets edited out. 

This is far harder than it sounds. In fact, if you had to quickly scribble on a notecard the one, clear overarching point of your last pitch, could you do it in seconds?  If not, you probably didn’t have the overarching story pinpointed.  Stick to that sole truth and sell it with great passion.  It’s how we connect - and how we get remembered.


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