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The fabulous five carnival!

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  Last week, I invited savvy bloggers to submit their “top five” lists.  Top five wisecracks, top five wise insights, top five anything—and I offered lavish praise to those creative enough to somehow work into their posts the words “bikini,” “martini” or “Fellini.”

The response was amazing - this is great big, “fabulous five” carnival that I hope you will enjoy.  And if you find this list very long - or are overwhelmed just keeping up with the field - start with Sean of Tactical Philanthropy’s great Top Five Ways to Know Everything about Philanthropy.


Marketing Diva Toby not only gets all those juicy keywords in her post (living up to her diva-ness), she also shows fashion sense.  Read what five Internet strategies have gone from the “in” list to the tired, “out” list.  Read on to find out what IS in style.

The Agitator weighs in on five things to worry about if you’re marketing a nonprofit.  Tom asks, “Is your organization indistinguishable from others doing essentially the same thing?”  Very good question.  Very good post.

Nonprofit communicator extraordinaire Kivi scored a “-ini” hat trick AND gives you five very sound pieces of advice for your newsletters.  My favorite Q&A in her list is, “What should be the focus of a nonprofit newsletter?  The audience.”  Yes!

Lois of the great book Beyond Buzz shows us five things musicians can teach us about marketing.  (She also scores a hat trick—hats off to her!)  She’s right about fans vs. sales.  When you serve the fans, you get the sales.  When you serve the donor, get the donations.

Britt has a must-read post on Top Five Things to Ask When Your Nonprofit Wants to Start a Community.  This is required reading for anyone toying with Web 2.0 toys.  As Britt asks, “Why do you want an online community?  If the answer is because everyone else has one. Stop right there. Just because bikinis are in style doesn’t mean everyone should wear one, right?”  Amen.

Nancy of Getting Attention gives you five reasons you should copy this ad’s approach.  Only a wordsmith like Nancy could pull off using the word “martini” and “hospital infection” in the same sentence.  You go, girl!

Getting no marketing love?  Elaine share five ways to win support for your efforts in comments.

Feeling burned out?  Kelly offers five reasons to love being in the nonprofit profession.  (She also has a hat trick.)


DonorPower blogger Jeff shares a delightful list of Five Secrets to Fundraising Happiness.  There are some gems in this post, especially the first on the list—respect your craft: “If you’re embarrassed to ask for money ... if you think direct mail is tacky and awful ... if you think fundraising is a necessary evil that besmirches your reputation and annoys donors ... well, you aren’t going to be happy. Get right with the profession. Love it. That’s the only way to do great work, and it’s the only path to personal fulfillment in the job.” 

Peter of the MicroPhilanthropy blog shares the Top Five Person-to-Person Fundraising Campaigns by Keyword and… you guessed it, for kicks he searched under “bikini,” “martini,” and… “Speedo.”  A very fun list resulted - as well as a cool tool you can use to search for your cause or keywords in personal fundraising widgets and campaigns.


Because I have a thing for economists (just one, actually, who doesn’t lie but who does have superlative soundbites), I just have to include the Top Five Lies My Economist Told Me in this carnival. 

Adrian of Giving Matters gives us five things that should matter more in our sector.  His call for cultivating trust, cooperating (as opposed to duplicating) and operating with efficiency are right on.

The lovely Yvonne of Lip-Sticking has a really good list of five tips for success in comments here.  I like the first especially: “Just do it. Don’t sit around ’talking’ about it for ten years. Get up out of your chair and do it.”

Beth offers five totally fun Flickr photos with bikinis (I know you’ll click through for that one), martinis and yes, Fellini.  She gets extra credit for this!

Confused about how to make your technology choices?  Wild Apricot weighs in on Five Reasons Why You Need Agile Methodology when it comes to software.  Read on to learn just what that means, it’s interesting!

Finally, Vladamir breaks all the rules with a list of 12, but it’s great so here goes:  12 ways for your nonprofit to use Facebook!

Thanks everyone.  And PLEASE, if you submitted your top five and don’t see it here, let me know.  I had so many entries, it’s possible I accidentally missed one.  I’ll get it up right away if I missed your list.


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Katya - I’m sticky with wonderful pink cotton candy carnival ideas from your community. Now I need 5 more hours to figure out of to put them to work!

Posted by Toby  on  07/31  at  01:16 AM

You missed out my penny’s worth:

Posted by Adrian Melrose  on  07/31  at  09:39 AM

Sorry Adrian - I’m adding it now into the post!!

Posted by Katya Andresen  on  07/31  at  02:26 PM

Katya, Thanks for the 100 (almost) great ideas. Can’t wait to put my top five must-dos on the to-do list.


Posted by Nancy Schwartz  on  07/31  at  05:32 PM

If you loved this Carnival, you’ll like the Giving Carnival we’re hosting!  I’m specifically reaching out to the participants in this one, because I really want to see the personal values behind fundraisers and consultants, who are normally so focused on what motivates others.  Looking forward to your participation!


Posted by Holden  on  08/01  at  04:04 AM

Do you think the Cambodian bloggers will understand the concept of a blog carnival?  I think I’m doing a session on “How to Keep Your Blog Alive and Be A Better Blogger” in Cambodia.  Ah, any advice for how to get my head back into thinking like a non-native speaker?

Posted by Beth Kanter  on  08/01  at  05:15 AM

I have posted a top five.  The top five bloggers with a philosophical bent that I love the most, on the Nonprofit Eye (url to post above). 

Posted by Pam Ashlund  on  08/02  at  05:18 AM

Hi Pam - try that link again; it’s not working for me.  Thanks!  Beth - in terms of Cambodian bloggers, I’d jettison any reference to Carnival (which I think stinks as a term for native speakers, too) and talk about virtual karaoke party or another relevant analogy.  You’re getting everyone together to sing their favorite song, so to speak.  From what I remember of Cambodia, everyone did that socially and could relate to it.

Posted by Katya Andresen  on  08/02  at  04:31 PM

Try this one:
it will be the most recent post.
Thanks Katya!

Posted by Pam Ashlund  on  08/02  at  04:51 PM

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Posted by david  on  11/15  at  06:19 AM

This is a little late but here is another top 5 list for the collection—the Top 5 Web Hosting Myths. Web hosting is a topic that affects many of us as Internet marketers, yet an area that few people know much about.

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Do you think the Cambodian bloggers will understand the concept of a blog carnival?  I think I’m doing a session on “How to Keep Your Blog Alive and Be A Better Blogger” in Cambodia.

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