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The 4 kinds of people who care about causes - and what they do online

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The wonderful people at the Georgetown Center for Social Impact Communication have drawn on their recent research to profile who is most likely spread the word about your cause - and how. 

To me, the headline is that while most people are active online, that doesn’t mean that they focus all their advocacy efforts on the Internet.  People spread the word both online and off, just as they donate online and off, just as they shop online and off.  The wise nonprofit - and the wise company - recognize you have to meet people in the many real and virtual places they inhabit and provide easy ways of spreading your message wherever they are.


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What if you want to target the maximizer? Are you looking at mostly a social media marketing strategy?

Posted by Sharon Lipinski (@SharonGives)  on  01/03  at  07:54 AM

Great breakdown of how people support organizations and give donations online.
It will be interesting to watch online giving over the next few years to see how fast it continues to grow. But the best take-away here is for non-profits and charities to understand how important it is to be plugged in to the ‘maximizers’ who can also help broadcast your message/story online.
Having a third party supporter broadcast your message through social media channels is much stronger for organizations because of the amplification and peer pressure.
Thanks for this post.

Posted by Mark Hallman  on  01/03  at  08:23 PM

Thanks for this most educative post. Indeed, how people interact with and for social causes is complicated at the best of times. To have this breakup, in terms of profile and online vs offline campaigning of causes, is most helpful.
Have a great year 2013!

Posted by Gudville  on  01/04  at  07:26 AM

Great breakdown! I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the level of offline support generated by those engaged with social media. The challenge is to engage them through all the social media clutter.

Posted by David Katz  on  01/04  at  03:09 PM

For over 10 years we offer Conservation education online. All our members and all our responses come from people in the age group 55 and older.
We really would like to have more younger people, and cannot figure out how our experience fits to your trend-spotting?

Posted by Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation  on  01/08  at  10:22 AM

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