Wed, June 03 2009

Tell me something smart: Please help me with my 500th post

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I’ve been at this blogging thing a while… so long, in fact, that I’m closing in on my 500th post!  That’s only a number that matters to me, sadly, so let’s talk about what matters to YOU.  For my 500th poast, which should occur within the next month unless I really go slack, I want to post 500 words that reflect your wisdom.  Because after 500 posts, I certainly welcome new ideas.

Please, dear readers, send me one sentence that says what you wish you’d known sooner about nonprofit outreach/marketing/fundraising.  What gems can you offer the folks struggling out there?  If you could give a new hire one piece of advice, what would it be?  If you wish you didn’t keep forgetting some basic truth, what is it?

I’m going to turn these gems into a post of 500 words.

Help me out!  Comment here with your responses…


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