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Preach to the choir - then get them singing your tune outside church

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Faithful reader and commenter Luke Renner had a great new year post I’d like to share.

I really agree with it, and the message is right.  I’d sum it up this way: preach to the choir (the people who care about what you do in some way OR have some personal connection to a person who does care).  Then ask the choir to leave the church and go do personal performances wherever they go.

Don’t try to convert the people who will never ever care.  It will never ever work.

Here are excerpts from Luke’s post:

1 - Most of the people who support us right now are FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

2 - For the most part, friends and family generally support WHO WE ARE more than WHAT WE’RE DOING. That doesn’t mean that friends and family disagree with what we are doing. It’s just that they know us as people first and foremost… and can find a way to support us on the merits of that relationship, even if they may not understand or agree with our choice of “mission.”

3 - Most of our “new friends” who do support us ALREADY AGREED WITH OUR VISION before they met us. In other words, we did not change their mind or convince them of anything… we simply found them.

There are countless people who already think like we do! In our case, these people might include: educators, filmmakers, technology companies, software developers, civil rights groups, etc.

These groups of people already believe (strongly) in the merits of:

- Education
- Mass media as an instructional tool
- The use of technology for human advancement

In other words… I DON’T HAVE TO CONVINCE THEM OF ANYTHING!!! These fine people are already sitting around somewhere, in total (or partial) agreement with what we are doing… they just don’t know we exist yet.

Without a doubt, these groups are prone toward lending a helping hand.

The job cannot be to convince people to believe in something. The job must be to find others who already hold the same values we do and invite them to join us.

In other words, I have been working too hard at the wrong job!


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