Thu, February 09 2012

Please take this Valentine’s Day pledge

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This February 14, let’s re-boot Valentine’s Day for good. 

(Thanks to the video wizards at See3 for generously contributing this video to the movement!)

Instead of forging V-Day connections with one person via chocolate, candlelight and a card, let’s forge G-Day connections with as many people as possible – including complete strangers – by saying YES on February 14th to every opportunity to be nice, help out, or delight with generosity.  It might mean tipping 100%.  Or telling a colleague how much you appreciate them and agreeing to that long-delayed lunch.  Or saying yes to that nonprofit canvasser on the sidewalk. 

Please pledge to participate here.  On this site, individuals and nonprofits can post how they are celebrating G-Day.  (It’s also a nice way to share your good work with a big audience, hint, hint.  Talk about your organization’s generous actions!) 

Thanks in advance for saying YES.


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