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Network for Good’s Website Makeover

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By Jono Smith

A few months ago, Network for Good invited
Mark Rovner to present a session called “Website 101 for Fundraisers” as part of our Nonprofit 911 free training series. Mark had some great advice, and we decided to give it a try on our own website at Here’s the before picture:


So what’s wrong with this page? Where should I start?

•  First of all, there’s no evidence of what Network for Good does—“build strong relationships with supporters”—what does that mean?
•  As you can see, there are four calls to action, but none of them are very compelling: get started, fundraise, communicate, & strategize.  Are you getting sleepy?
•  There’s also a bland image that is the essence of bad stock photography. Do these two people look like they have anything to do with a nonprofit?

Here’s the refresh. And while it’s only been live for less than a month, we’ve already seen a substantial increase in lead generation and conversion.


•  The first improvement you will notice is our positioning: “Affordable & Easy Online Fundraising.” It couldn’t be more clear what we do.
•  We’ve also improved the calls-to-action.  While we increased the size of the “Get Started” button, more importantly we crafted a teaser “Average Online Gift…” that is generating higher click-through rates on the button than in the previous version.
•  The other three calls-to-action: free trial, get fundraising tips, and next steps help us appeal to a wide range of audiences, whether you are looking for a demo, a free trial, training, a newsletter, etc.

All in all, with just a few hours of work, we’ve given our website a makeover that is paying huge dividends.


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