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Meet Drew, who lost everything - and learn from his story

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Drew is a homeless man in St. Petersburg, Florida. He lost his job as a welder in the recession - and then lost everything when a drunk driver killed his family. Now this college graduate who was once family man working on a civil engineering degree has been homeless for four months, eating food he finds in dumpsters. “It can happen that quick to anybody,” Drew says. “So you probably shouldn’t judge the next time you see somebody asking for just a little bit of help.” Drew was asked what three wishes he has in this world. The reply? That people would help rather than hurt each other. That he could get his family back. And that he could understand why things happen.

This is one of many stories captured in a new book chronicling the work of my friend Mark Horvath. I’ve blogged about him often, because of his own inspiring story as a formerly homeless person - and his life’s mission of helping the homeless tell their stories. Homeless people are often ignored. He seeks to make people like Drew visible by shining the spotlight on them through video interviews at Invisible People TV. Mark opens my eyes to homelessness - and he teaches us all about the power of story.

Photo of me with Mark by Geoff Livingston

Kevin Hendricks, one of Mark’s many fans, has put together this book called Get the Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness. The book highlights the stories of real homeless people, which are interspersed with reflections from social media experts, nonprofit heroes, technology executives and more. You can get it here - any profit goes to Mark.

You can donate directly to Mark’s cause here. (I just gave $50 and encourage you to support Mark’s work if you’re moved by his efforts and what he teaches us. He’s nearly homeless again since he pours all of his money into his work with the homeless.)

Kevin and Mark: Thanks for telling Drew’s story. And thanks for reminding us of something very important:

To make an issue matter, tell a story about it. To make a person matter, let him tell his own story.


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