Mon, February 14 2011

It’s Generosity Day - Say Yes and Give

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On Valentine’s Day, rather than telling you something, I’m asking something. 

I’m asking you to participate in Generosity Day.  It’s a day when you seek to be selfless and see what happens when generosity becomes your default.

1. For all of February 14, pledge to be generous.  Say yes to every request for help, every opportunity to do a kindness, and - yes - every car edging front of you in traffic. 

2. Ask others to do the same by blogging, emailing, Tweeting - face-to-face asking!

3. Post your experiences on Facebook (here) or on Twitter with the hashtag #generosityday.  Share what you do and what you witness.

I am a true believer in the concept that being generous is the key to inspiring generosity in others.  Let’s see what’s possible if we all participate. 

Thanks to Sasha Dichter for starting it! (He did it for a whole month, I fall at his feet for that.)  And read the whole story behind this at Fast Company.

My whole family (including my three kids) is in - can’t wait to see what happens on the playground and around the country.


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