Tue, July 12 2011

Is it easy enough?

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I tried to donate to a veteran’s organization and the donation form kept failing.  I gave up.  I agreed to a market research survey - then changed my mind when they told me it would take 25 minutes. 

Has this kind of thing happened to you?

Every day, I make attempts to help people but if it’s too onerous and I’m not especially close to the cause, I stop.  I’m not lazy, I’m busy.  So are most people.

People often want to help us, but we make it too hard for them.  If you do nothing else today, make it easier to give to your organization, to volunteer, to sign a petition.  Make it easier to make big changes too.  Break them down into small, feasible steps. 

There is no nobility in insisting on complexity or enormous commitment.  Start on a simple scale that people can ably undertake.  Build toward the bigger things.

Remember this: It’s extremely hard to resist something that’s easy to do.  It’s extremely easy to resist something that’s hard to do. 

When you make it easy, you make a difference.


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