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How to reduce donor attrition in three minutes

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Here’s the bad news.

As if we needed more bad news about our ability to retain donors…  The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares that donors aren’t just annoyed by our lack of follow-up—they are really, really annoyed. (Read here.)

More than 20 percent of donors say they were never even thanked!

So the obvious remedy is to thank donors, tell them what their gift accomplished and report on your progress in your mission.

What’s the best way to do that?  Here’s the three-minute trick.

Pell & Bales sent me this hot tip - which reinforces what Chuck Longfield told me last week.

Read their step-by-step, three minute solution here, but the headline is:

-Pick up phone
-Call donor
-Talk about donor and what donor did that was amazing for real people:
-Don’t ask them for more money - just say thanks again

Pell & Bales say that three-minute call drastically reduces attrition (see below).  And their findings are in line with those of Chuck, who says taking the time to phone supporters and thank them for their gift lifts their giving by 40 percent.

Want to have amazing results this holiday?  Pick up the phone and say thanks.  Do a couple of calls a day.  It feels good, and it does good.*

*Thanks to Charlie Hulme of Pell & Bales for the tip!


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