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How To Raise A Lot More Money Now - a free eBook from Network for Good

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At Network for Good, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest resources to help nonprofits engage with supporters online. And we get a lot of questions about how to raise more money online – now! 

Inspired by the great work that nonprofits do every day, I called on some of the smartest people I know in the nonprofit fundraising world to help me write this eBook and give you 50 creative ideas that you can start using today to raise more money for your cause. 

Get your free copy of How to Raise a Lot More Money Now: 50 Great Ideas from 11 Top Experts

I’d like to give a special thanks to all of my friends who contributed: Jeff Brooks, Mark Rovner, Jocelyn Harmon, Alia McKee, Sarah Durham, Kivi Leroux Miller, Chris Forbes, Nancy Schwartz, Beth Kanter, and Allison Fine.


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Raising a lot more money ebook is interesting. I have just got a copy. Thanks for sharing this for free.

Posted by Nora  on  07/29  at  05:11 AM

Wow, thanks for sharing this E-book. Surely, it’ll help people on how to raise a lot of money. Keep it up!!

Posted by Johnny Bolton  on  07/29  at  06:54 AM

very interesting..Thanks

Posted by marc  on  07/29  at  03:50 PM

Good to end up here! Thanks for the share! smile

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Posted by Rosemarie  on  07/29  at  05:46 PM

Read the ebook. I’m quite confuse and have some questions, but it really make sense. Thanks for sharing it again! smile

Posted by Rosemarie  on  07/29  at  06:11 PM

Hey Katya,

I’m very grateful receiving the ebook. I personally found it awesome and helpful, because it emphesizes 3 things, that are important in not just the ‘business world’, but in everyday’s life as well:

1. You need to focus on the other one’s emotions, interests as well
2. You need to be moderate
3. You need to build relationships

These points might sound a little general, but I find them absolutly essential in my professional work (psychotherapy) and my internet attempts as well.
Wish a lot of success to your site!

Posted by Gabor Schwanner  on  07/29  at  07:29 PM

Hello Katya, Thank you so much for this information. I am using this information for my church to help in our fundraising efforts for the childrens minisrty program. I feel that big things are headed our way. Thanks again,

Posted by james patton  on  07/31  at  03:30 AM

This is just what i’ve been looking for.  Thanks for sharing.

Posted by calvin  on  07/31  at  06:52 AM

Thanks for the link to the free ebook. It looks like its full of great info.

Posted by Alan Grant  on  08/03  at  02:20 AM

Thank you for sharing this! I have read a lot of money making ebooks but this one is more understandable and doable!

Posted by Sharon Fox  on  08/05  at  12:57 AM

Thank you so much for this information!

Posted by Oronzo Cana  on  08/05  at  10:13 AM

Thanks for sharing it.. i have downloaded it and it really open my mind on new business opportunity.. Thanks again..

Posted by Azlan  on  08/08  at  07:05 AM

Thanks for the link…I will be sure to check it out. I’ve been toying with the idea lately on creating a “scholarship” if you will, for young entrepreneurs, so they can pursue their first business ventures.  In particular, young female entrepreneurs.
Thanks for sharing this!

Posted by Michele  on  08/08  at  04:32 PM

Creativity is the name of the game. Affiliate marketing is one example of creatively utilizing online channels to generate new revenue streams.  If positioned properly, the increased revenue can come from NOT asking supporters to dig deeper.

The challenge: most non-profits, or at least the smaller ones, don’t have extra staff sitting around looking for something to do.

(Shameless pitch:) Of course, Click. Buy. Help. can overcome that challenge!

Thank you for your perspectives - keep them coming.


Posted by Dave  on  08/08  at  11:54 PM

Tons of thanks. This is a great help for me to learn more about internet marketing and how to earn extra bucks via online.

Posted by Ivory Scott  on  08/09  at  06:56 AM

Thanks so much for sharing this ebook!  I’m always looking for new ideas…

Posted by Kari  on  08/10  at  09:52 PM

Thank you so much for this ebook! I’m definitely passing it on to friends!


Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/11  at  10:44 AM

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Posted by Michelle  on  08/11  at  08:28 PM

Thanks. As someone who is involved with at least one non-profit organization at a time, this information should be helpful to at least kickstart a few ideas.

Posted by James  on  08/11  at  10:54 PM

very interesting read, learnt a lot of useful out of this post

Posted by daniel stremel  on  08/12  at  06:28 PM

This is a great ebook! I have downloaded it. Thanks for your sharing Katya!

Posted by Kok Siong  on  08/13  at  02:42 AM

Thanks Katya for This ebook, I hope I will get some idea for make money.

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Posted by Tedd73  on  08/15  at  03:59 PM

Great great ebook only inspiring more ideas and thoughts. Sure to help the multitude.

Posted by Johnb  on  09/02  at  06:29 AM

Thanks so much for this one. I have been really looking for this.

Posted by linamylin  on  09/05  at  04:15 PM

Actually I used to work in the non-profit industry, it’s not that easy to raise money as people thinks but once you get started , you start getting on. If you do a good service to the community, it’s not hard at all to get people to back you.

Posted by Harley Accessories  on  10/07  at  01:19 PM

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