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How to be resilient in hardship

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My friend and colleague Amanda alerted me to this article on the five traits of resilient people.  Since that quality is needed by so many of us now, I thought I’d pass on the insights from Jessie Sholl.  What occurred to me as I was reading this list is that you probably have every one of these qualities.  Working for a good cause is a daily exercise in resilience.  Please share that quality with those who need it now.

1. Be Positive.  “Resilient people are characterized by an ability to experience both negative and positive emotions even in difficult or painful situation. They mourn losses and endure frustrations, but they also find redeeming potential or value in most challenges.”  If you work for a good cause, you have this quality. You find hope amid terrible tragedies in the course of advancing a mission.

2. Live to Learn. When resilient people encounter pain, they look for solutions. That would be you.

3. Open Your Heart.  Counting your blessings and committing acts of kindness and service boost resilience. That’s your day job!

4. Take Care of Yourself.  Good physical and mental health boosts resilience. 

5. Hang on to Humor.  This is so true.  A laugh goes a long way.  Do you bring levity to the job?

For more on these qualities as well as the amazing tale of Turkey Lady, read the whole article.


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