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How to be an fundraising princess

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My daughters’ favorite book is a guide to being a princess - it covers dress, etiquette, conduct, etc.  The funny thing is, a lot of it is good advice.  It covers topics like “how to disguise you’re bored around others” and other tips that all of us could use in our work lives, particularly during long meetings.

So much of the advice on this blog is about good manners.  And superlative marketing is often based in princess-level manners.

For example:

1. Be polite.  Don’t interrupt or lecture imperiously at your audience.  Seek permission to hold forth with your audience.  In other words, don’t buy email lists and spam people.  Contact them when you have permission, and make it a conversation, not a lecture.

2. Be gracious and generous.  Thank those that help you, often and well.  Don’t be stingy about sharing information or resources with others.

3. Be loyal.  Keep up your relationships with others.  Even if they haven’t given you money lately, you can still show people you care by reaching out with a kind update.

Be sure to curtsy next time you see me.


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