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Help your corporate partners be brainiac cause marketers

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As I’ve often written on this blog, human beings are inherently empathetic. Our brains are hardwired to relate to other people’s experiences. When we witness or imagine someone acting, our neurons fire the same way they would if we were undertaking the same action. That’s why your heart races when your favorite athlete soars toward the basket or why the sight of a mother struggling to save her child from floodwaters causes you pain.

When we translate this empathy into helping another person, our brains have another reaction: We’re rewarded with happy feelings, thanks to a dopamine dose to our brain’s pleasure center.

That’s powerful stuff for nonprofit marketers.

You can read about how the science of giving relates to nonprofit marketing in Network for Good’s eBooks Homer Simpson for Nonprofits and Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits.  And now I’ve translated these same learnings for companies looking to engage their customers through cause marketing programs.  This new eGuide – The Brainiac’s Guide to Cause Marketing: How People’s Minds Really Work, and What That Means for Your Next Campaign – shows that if we get how people think, we can get them to do.

While the findings are geared toward a corporate audience, the lessons still apply to those of us who work in nonprofit marketing.  Plus this is a great resource to share with your corporate partners. You can demonstrate true value as a partner in helping companies deepen their engagement with customers through cause initiatives with your organization. 

The Brainiac’s Guide to Cause Marketing has lots of ideas to do just that.

Download your FREE eGuide now!

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Amazing and true, when our brain see someone getting through some experience, we can experience that because our brain produces the same stimulus so that we can also feel the pain/pleasure.
Great content, Amazing blog, keep writing.

Posted by Sarbjit Singh  on  05/22  at  09:23 PM

Irrespective of the type of marketing you’re into, cause marketing can help you go a long way in striking the right chord with your target.
Your blog very well explains this. While looking up cause marketing I came across yet another insightful blog on the same topic. It suggests how its time for advertisers to start becoming sensitive. Do check out this blog too, its by Nita Kapoor of Godfrey Philips India and her take on Cause Marketing. Simply brilliant.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/29  at  04:28 AM

They recently did a study on empathy. I don’t remember where I read it but it’s quite shocking to see what the result are… People with less empathy are more likely to be successful.. How disheartening.

Posted by Rijk Worden  on  06/20  at  09:10 PM

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