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Grappling with tragedy

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There are days when it’s hard to post, and this is one of them.  Like you, I’m heartbroken over the tragedy in Newtown, CT, a place I once spent some time. As a parent, I can’t fathom any of it. Events like the one that occurred Friday recalibrate everything in my life.

So today, I wanted to say just two things.  First, I wanted to thank every one of you who works on a mission that in some way seeks to address this kind of horror—especially those of you who support people with mental illness and their families and those of you who comfort the grieving.

Second, I wanted to share these words from a minister I don’t know at all.  Whatever your beliefs, I think they might resonate.  They did for me.  I don’t share this in a religious vein.  Only in a human and heartfelt one.

...The very brokenness, the lump, the silent inexpressible grief arising in our collective soul reminds us that we human beings long for something purer than the isolated selfish ways we normally live.  When pushed by calamity we want to live with our better selves… Let us hold each other up even as we weep.  Let us step out into the darkness, light a candle, say a prayer, forgive, reach out, put our children on the bus, and risk love.  We have no alternative.  There is no grand scheme; only small actions that light the path, dispel the darkness, and offer renewal.

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Thank you.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/17  at  10:11 AM

Many thanks for this.

Posted by Grace Lazzara  on  12/17  at  12:44 PM

Thanks for the thoughts, Katya. What I was hoping that your blog would contain today, however, were ideas for nonprofit communications at this tragic time. Nonprofits are engaged in the final two weeks of fundraising until year-end. We are sending out email appeals, postings, tweets, etc. How can we do this while also communicating our profound sadness about this unthinkable event? This is especially relevant to youth-serving organizations. These kind of tips would be helpful.

Posted by Kirsten Melton  on  12/17  at  02:29 PM

Lovely quote. Generosity, outreach and courage are parts of love.  Can you tell me the source?

Posted by Lisa Marie Gelhaus  on  12/17  at  06:10 PM

Thank you. I too have found it hard to focus, to just keep on going as if today was just another day.

Often it seems like allowing ourselves to be human, to slow down, to stop working, to grieve, is not something our culture accepts. Yet, for me, I find that today I am going slower…my mind is in two places, and my heart is both seeking shelter and company.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/17  at  09:08 PM

Kristen: for advice, check out my friend Nancy’s post at today.  She has advice!

Posted by Katya Andresen  on  12/17  at  10:29 PM

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