Thu, July 26 2007

Extreme nonprofit makeover

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Our colleagues at Global Giving have had some serious work done on their site - and let me tell you, it’s more than just a facelift.  I really like the results:  hipper, far more user-centric, highly tangible (so important these days), and action-oriented.  This is an approach to imitate!

Check out the before and after screen shots below and learn from what they did:

1.) They changed their home page from an “about us” page to an “about the donor” page (the word “you” leaps off the new home page)
2.) They went from a site simply asking for money to one with engaging welcome mats for donors AND explorers
3.) They went from a buried call to action to big, clickable buttons
4.) They made their work more personal, tangible and emotionally immediate (instead of a chart, you see faces)
5.) They showed impact - you can see exactly what dollar amount accomplishes what good





Nice work!

On the extreme nonprofit makeover theme, at Network for Good we recently promised marketing surgery to help a nonprofit using our services.  We’re in the process of choosing the future swan and will let you know when they’re named - and what we’re going to do.  Stay tuned…


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