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Donors are looking for a thumb’s up, so give it to them

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When fundraising this holiday, remember that the people thinking about donating WANT to give to you—they simply need reassurance their gift is going to the right place. 

Don’t believe me; take it from the research - namely Hope Consulting and GuideStar’s Money for Good research.

In the first phase of its research, the Hope Consulting team found that donors don’t spend a lot of time researching nonprofits before they give.  In fact, only 35% of people did research on ANY donation in 2009.  And those that did research were mainly in search of validation that the charity they wanted to support was acceptable:

The researchers dug into this question further in the second phase of their research, and they found that individual donors mainly just want to avoid a bad donation - in contrast with foundations, which are more focused on real impact:

These are two important findings - as is the fact that when donors do research, they typically do it at the nonprofit’s website.

All of these data points lead to one clear conclusion for you:  Give your donors a thumb’s up that you’re a good charity.  Put testimonials, third-party endorsements and ratings on your website and other materials.  It will help donors know they’re making the right choice.  And at the end of the day, that’s all donors need to make that gift.


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