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Cheese! Photos make you more persuasive

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A series of studies (described in Neuromarketing by Roger Dooley) shows that including a photo with your message makes it far more persuasive.

Says Dooley: “Even general knowledge claims were enhanced by photos. The statement, “Turtles are deaf,” was judged to be true more often when accompanied by a photo that shows a turtle but in no way demonstrates their hearing ability or lack thereof.”

I’m a cute turtle and may be deaf.
Photo from TurtlesOHoolihan

I’m not advocating misleading use of photos.*  But I’ll be the first to endorse Roger’s advice that images make your appeals, news and reports stronger.

Follow these guidelines:

1. Pick a relevant image and include it!

2. Use captions below the photo that reinforce your point - that’s also been shown to improve the effectiveness of images.

3. Stay away from stock photos. Says Dooley, they lack authenticity and tend to be general and generic.  Specificity works better.


*Turtles are not deaf, according to my Internet research.


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I agree with your comments about photo’s creating a more powerful message.  I did note your comment about staying away from stock photos.  I work in mental health, health care/NFP and using pictures from actual participants can become challenging and problematic.  Even when people sign a waiver and then see the pic taken to print, we’ve been asked to pull the print material.  Our last annual report, we finally opted to use iStock photos and if you take your time, thoroughly view the stock you can find some really great materials.  We did and in the end we produced the best AR to date.  So I’m not totally in agreement with the stock photography comment.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/06  at  04:06 PM

A photo also makes text more reader friendly. For many readers, the first invitation to read the text or AD is the photo. In the book industry we are advised to insert photos or images to break the continuos flow of grey matter, especially for young readers. But there is also the issue of photo credit, which is often ignored or forgotten.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/07  at  01:14 AM

Photos are a fantastic way to put your message across and also to create CTA, however video production in my opinion is a lot more persuasiveness the photos or write content.

Like I normally say “If an picture can say 1000 words what can a 30 second video do?”

Posted by eduardo  on  11/09  at  12:42 PM

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