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Asking for money online: what works?

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A sense of immediacy is often needed to get someone to donate.  Are you answering the question for your donors, why give now?

An interesting M + R study based on the results of 180 fundraising appeals from nine different nonprofits delves into the efficacy of a few methods to lend a sense of immediacy to your appeals.  While noting the sample size is small, the study suggests some of these methods work better than others.

1. Multiple appeals that tied together in a cohesive campaign performed better than stand-alone, one-off appeals.  They have higher conversion and a much larger average gift size.
2. Offering a deadline results in bigger gifts than an open-ended appeal, though it didn’t increase conversion.
3. Matching gifts are motivational, increasing response rates and gift sizes.
4. Dollar goals may increase response rates, though there was not statistically significant data showing an impact in the study.

Based on my own experience, I’d say the study is right on.  At Six Degrees, we combined a deadline, matching gift and most-donations “contest” into one campaign where leading individual fundraisers for nonprofits had their gifts matched by Kevin Bacon.  We sent out several bulletins during the campaign.  So we combined all four elements above.  Clearly, as you can see by the levels of giving spiking at the matching grant competition deadline, this combined approach drove a lot of giving. 


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thank you for statistics. And what is it caused?

Posted by Aqualung  on  05/24  at  03:52 PM

Interesting chart.  I would love to see more fundraising websites publish this sort of data.  There’s no doubt that matching grants combined with a deadline are an effective combination. 

Deadlines are easy to find.  Matching funds are harder to come by!

Any suggestions on where nonprofits can find matching funds?  Should they solicit from existing major donors, who want to participate in an online campaign?  Or do they go after new sources of major gifts?

Posted by Peter Deitz  on  05/25  at  03:16 PM
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Thanks Peter.  We are offering another round of matching funds via Kevin Bacon starting July 1—stay tuned for the announcement.  You can also look to corporations - who would do it because they get nice publicity when you reach out to your donors re: their matching grant - or your biggest donors, who may want to inspire other donors to give more.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/25  at  04:01 PM

Statistics can sometimes help but the market is changing so fast… you can never depend on something or it’s just my opinion.

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Posted by Rezak  on  04/05  at  06:37 PM

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Posted by Arkadiy  on  04/05  at  08:29 PM

Thanks Katya for posting, people needs that kind of info. Regards.

Posted by rezak  on  04/09  at  06:57 AM

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Thank you.

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Those statistics was good. And it’s nice to know that there are people like you that works hard for a “cause”.

Keep Up!

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