Thu, December 20 2012

5 Tips for Designing Your Year-End Email Appeals

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Here’s some great advice from Caryn Stein on the team here at Network for Good.

It’s tempting to pull out every design stop in an attempt to make your year-end e-appeal stand out. Resist the urge to resort to visual overload as you design your year-end campaign. Keep these five pointers in mind for best results:

1. Be consistent:  Your email appeals should reflect your nonprofit’s branding and style. Use the same logo, colors and fonts that you use on your website, donation page and other fundraising materials.

2. Keep it light:  Don’t overdesign your email appeals. Keep the graphic load light and use simple uncluttered design. This helps your appeal shine and look more professional – plus it will be more likely that your message will be read.

3. Use images wisely:  Many email programs won’t display images automatically, so ensure that your images are a complement to your message, and are not your entire appeal. Use images that help illustrate the story you’re telling and create an emotional connection with the reader. 

4. Link images:  More readers expect images to be interactive, so if you include photos or other graphics (like DonateNow buttons!), be sure to link them to your donation page.

5. Include text links:  Don’t forget to embed text links within your appeal – preferably throughout your message. Remember that the first link you offer will usually be the most-clicked item in your appeal.


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