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3 ways to wake up your donors

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Wake Up Your Donors

If you’re planning to wait until December to reach out to your donors, you may be too late. Setting the stage for your year-end fundraising push is as important as the ask itself. This is true for a few reasons. First, no one wants to be ignored all year, only to be asked for money when they finally do hear from you. That’s not much of a relationship.

Second, it often takes more than one message to get donors to act. While marketers don’t agree on a magic number, it pays to consider the effective frequency of your message—that is, the number of times it will take for someone to see your marketing message before they take action.

So, how do you wake up donors and get them ready for giving season? Here are a few places to start:

Send a warm-up email.

If you haven’t communicated with your donors recently, reach out to them to update them on all of the good *they’ve* done this year through their gifts. Remind them that you’ve put their donations to good use and give them the opportunity to see the results. By taking some time to rekindle their positive feelings about your organization now, you’ll prime donors to be ready to take action in a few weeks. Need some ideas for your email outreach? Download Network for Good’s free Nonprofit Guide to Email Engagement.

Get supporters talking via social.

Once you’ve shown up in their inbox, get on your donors’ social radar by inviting them into a conversation about your work and the latest news about your cause. People want to invest in other people they trust, not faceless institutions. Social media is a great way to let donors see the real you and forge a meaningful connection with your nonprofit.

Follow up with event attendees.

If you’ve held a fundraising event this year, you have the perfect opportunity to reach out to these highly engaged supporters to update them on the outcome of the event, and let them know how they can stay involved with your organization. If you haven’t recapped your event to relive all of the amazing stuff that happened, what are you waiting for? Reminding your event attendees of this shared experience helps them feel closer to your organization, and much more likely to give again.


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