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3 ways to stand out to your donors

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This week, HubSpot (the popular marketing software company) announced a partnership with charity:water. This team effort will be one to watch for innovative ideas on applying inbound marketing tactics to the world of fundraising.

Of course, charity:water has long been a source of inspiration for fundraisers seeking to transform the way they raise money. This post from HubSpot features just some of the ways that charity:water puts their donors at the center of their success stories.

Here are three important takeaways for you to apply to your work:

Show where the money goes. Going beyond a simple chart, charity:water’s Dollars to Projects feature shows donors exactly how their donation will be used, how the projects work, and then allows donors to follow their donation to the completed project.
To do: Create a map of how you get from point A to point B in your work. Don’t forget to add the proverbial “You Are Here” label so donors can see how they fit into the success of your mission.

Share your progress. charity:water uses a personalized project report to keep donors up to date on what has been accomplished, complete with photos and quantifiable results. 
To do: Let your donors be part of the journey. Interview some of your donors to find out what they’d like to know about the impact of their donation. Use this insight to create a template to regularly report back on your progress.

Illustrate your impact—in human terms. Through video and photo-sharing platforms, like Instagram, charity:water keeps supporters engaged with inspiring stories of the individuals they help through their work.
To do: Go beyond dry facts and mass statistics, follow your impact to one individual and bring that story to life for your supporters.

No matter your issue area or organization size, make it a priority this year to be creative and personalize your cause through story and imaginative outreach. The ability to stand out and truly connect with supporters will continue to be the defining factor of successful nonprofits.

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