Thu, August 16 2012

10 simple ideas for things to share on social media

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Are you stuck on what to post on social media today?  Network for Good has a great mini-guide on the topic here (free with registration).  Check out our tips for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  And while you’re downloading the document, here are ten quick ideas if your creative well is dry.  Thanks to my colleague and guide author Caryn Stein for these pointers.  And don’t forget—you can always highlight someone else’s great content when you don’t know what to say yourself.  That works well in the social media gift economy. And on this blog!

1. Offer a sneak peek of an upcoming newsletter, event or program.
2. Show what goes on behind the scenes at your office.
3. Introduce a member of your staff.
4. Report from the scene of your work or event.
5. Share photos of your volunteers in action.
6. Connect your work to a news story, trend or meme.
7. Ask a trivia question related to your cause.
8. Share a testimonial from a beneficiary or supporter.
9. Choose a “fan of the day” and give them a shout out.
10. Celebrate a success story.


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