Fri, February 27 2015

Nonprofit Link Round Up

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What amazing resources are floating around the web this week? Here’s a sampling of good stuff that rose to the top of the inbox. Round Up Cowgirl

Something you need right now: Kivi Leroux Miller shares an amazing list of 25 interview questions what will help you write better stories about your volunteers and the people you serve.  via Nonprofit Marketing Guide

What’s the Purpose of a Thank You Letter? Simone Joyaux shares two examples and her wisdom on getting donor gratitude right. via Nonprofit Quarterly

Charitable giving can’t stop, won’t stop. That’s according to new research from the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Ok, perhaps I’m oversimplifying this, but I was definitely pleased to read the Philanthropy Outlook which projects steady growth for giving in the U.S. over the next two years. Individual giving is expected to grow by 4.4% in 2015. Read the full report for the complete view. via Marts & Lundy

Yes, to all of this:  Joe Garecht shares Smart Online Fundraising Strategies. via Fundraising Authority

Just print the image in this piece from Lori Jacobwith and present it to your board. 7 Powerful Ways Board Members Can Help & NOT Ask for Money via Ignited Fundraising

14 Tips for Great Nonprofit Storytelling Short and on the mark. via Heather Wardle

Are you making communications a true priority? Big Communications for Small Nonprofits is the latest piece in the Making Ideas Move series, and is worth a read. via Stanford Social Innovation Review

Finally, did you know Network for Good is on Instagram? Be sure to connect with our team there, and I promise you there will be plenty of photobombing from next week’s Nonprofit Technology Conference! If you’ll be there, stop by booth #813 to say hi and grab some NFG swag!

Those are all of the links we were able to lasso this week. Go on, share your picks in the comments and let us know what you’ve been reading!

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Fri, February 20 2015

Nonprofit Link Round Up

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VP, Communications and Content, Network for Good

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Round Up CowboyIt’s round up time again and I’m excited to share the expertise and resources from our colleagues in the sector—and beyond. It might be freezing here in DC, but I promise:  these links are hot.

If men are from Mars, what does that do to their willingness to donate to causes? New research from Stanford University sheds some light on how to overcome the gender gap in giving. via Stanford (and more on this from The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

Storytelling. Expert tips. Getting smarter while staying toasty warm in your sweats and PJs? Where do we sign up? Don’t miss the
Storytelling Non-Profit Virtual Conference, starting on Monday, February 23. via The Storytelling Non-Profit

Want a fun way to expand your donor base? (Who doesn’t, right?) Trish McFarland, the Executive Director of the YWCA of Spokane, shares her experience with a new approach in this video clip. via Movie Mondays

Your older donors are online, so you’d better make sure your digital strategy is ready for them. via Philanthropy News Digest

Warning:  8 Social Media Mistakes That Are Killing Your Brand via Entrepreneur

Gail Perry nails it in her latest piece on writing for your donors. Read and heed, my friends: The 3 Most Boring Words in Fundraising Appeals via Fundraising Success

What can you learn from a multi-platinum pop star? Turns out, quite a bit. 5 Fundraising Tips Inspired by Taylor Swift via Michael Rosen

Are you reaching out and empowering collaboration to make your mission a reality? Read these smart thoughts on readying your cause to matter more to people. via Allison Fine

Are you tapping into the limitless power of appealing to identity?  via Sea Change Strategies

We know you party like a rock star, but do you write like one? Here’s how to craft readable, believable, and inspiring copy for your spokespeople. via M+R

That’s it for this week. What’s on your reading list? Share your favorite links in the comments below!

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Fri, February 13 2015

Nonprofit Link Round Up

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VP, Communications and Content, Network for Good

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It’s Friday the 13th, but never fear, because #donorlove is in the air!  You can even send an #npvalentine courtesy of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Link Round Up Fence

Here are a few of the resources and really smart people who caught our attention this week:

What do donors want? Sandy Rees knows and she’s outlined 7 things donors want and 5 things you can give them. via Get Fully Funded

Roger Craver offers his take on Hubspot’s 2015 Social Benchmark Report. via The Agitator

Learn the 9 things make people re-tweet your content, then check the share factor of your tweets using this cool tool. via Futurity

Want to create a really compelling annual report? Think about this:  “Yes, your annual accomplishments are important to share—necessary for funding and credibility in this age of transparency and results—but where is the donor in the story of your success? Can you tie your donor’s investment into a celebration of what you’ve done together?”  via Big Duck

Nell Edgington shares 7 key questions that will help guide your nonprofit strategy.  via Social Velocity

Do you know when to use JPG, GIF, or PNG? Now you do, thanks to this helpful infographic. via Who Is Hosting This?
Finally, for a laugh: Love poems to nonprofit staff (and boards!)  via Nonprofit with Balls

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Fri, February 06 2015

Nonprofit Link Round Up

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VP, Communications and Content, Network for Good

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Nonprofit Link Round Up CowboyYou might forget to call your mom, but you’d better not neglect to call your donors. A recent study found that thank-you calls increased subsequent giving and gift amounts. via Nonprofit Times

Social media. Storytelling. Two of our favorite things combined together. It’s better than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. (Ok, almost.) Learn 8 ways to become a better storyteller through social media. via Adweek

Still stuck for story material? Vanessa Chase will send you story prompts to get those creatives juices flowing.  via The Storytelling Nonprofit

Do you “own your zone”? Find out why being the go-to resource for your issue is vital. via FeverBee

Are You Addicted to Acquisition?  ‘Fess up…we’re all friends here. via 101 Fundraising

Gail Perry shares 5 Ideas that Make Asking Much Easier and More Successful. via Fundraising Success

Does your online experience work well for your donors over 65? Check out this detailed read on 7 things to know about designing technology for older people. via Smashing

“The work non-profits do is too important to be afraid of failure, and their work is too urgent to honor every sacred cow.” Seth Godin outlines some important lessons from via Seth’s Blog

That’s it for this week! What’s your must-read resource? Share it in the comments below!

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Thu, February 05 2015

Forget Tom Brady and Dancing Sharks, Estella was Our MVP

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This past Sunday, more than 114 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, the Katy Perry halftime show, and of course, a new lineup of commercials. Although there were tons of famous faces on the screen on Sunday, Network for Good’s MVP was a very special lady, Estella, who was featured in an ad with her Brilliant Bus.

Estella Pyfrom, founder of Estella’s Brilliant Bus, works to bring technology and services to the communities where they are needed most. Estella has made it her mission to improve the quality of life for countless Southern Florida families. Her Brilliant Bus is just one of the many ways she has impacted communities in Florida.

We feel so lucky that this organization is part of the Network for Good family. Congratulations Estella! Your life’s work is truly inspiring to us all and we can’t wait to see where this Brilliant Bus will go next!

In case you missed the spot, here it is:

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